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Welcome to Do It For Dad Ranch!

The D.I.F.D Ranch originally began as an equine veterinarian clinic with a breeding operation created by Doug Jensen.  Even today, the neighbors in Stacy remember Doug fondly as the guy who made “all the animals his pets”, and many recount story after story of Doug rescuing animals hit by cars, using his clinic to heal them, and finding them homes.

 After Doug Jensen passed on, his son, Jeff Jensen,  eventually became the new owner of the facility and renamed it the D.I.F.D (Do-It-For-Dad) Ranch.  Now stewarded by Jeff, the ranch stands as a tribute to Dr. Jensen’s memory. Jeff now aims to honor his father’s memory by rebuilding his father’s pride and joy and opening it once again to horse owners for service.


Our Services

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Horse Boarding

Come enjoy our facilities with us and your horses!  Here at the DIFD Farm, we aim to provide your horse every comfort available in a fun, family friendly environment!  We offer both stall board with daily turnout and pasture board.  Call us for more information on rates and the amazing care we provide our four hooved friends.

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Horsemanship Lessons

Horsemanship is the foundation of every good rider and trainer.  We offer an all around skill view set of the topic, aiming to create not just riders, but future horsemen and women.  We offer lessons on groundwork, equine behavior, horseback riding (both English and western), as well as regular additional classes on equine nutrition, saddle fit, and many other topics.  We aim to become not only a facility that offers lessons but succeeds in furthering the education of the average horse owner.  Horsemanship lessons start at $50/hr.

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Equine Training

The DIFD Ranch also offers training services for your four hooved equine friend.  These services can be utilized at any need from your horse needing to grow confidence out on the trail, needing to be started under saddle, or any other number of behavioral issues.  We offer an all around foundation look to horse training while putting the psychological needs of the animal first.  Call us for more information and rates on our equine training services!

In Memory

Doug Jensen

Do It For Dad Ranch operations are dedicated in honor of Dr. Douglas Jensen.

March 14, 1941- October 11, 2000




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